In the current environment it is more important than ever to look after your mental health. We are facing challenges that none of us were prepared for, and there are many challenges ahead. We are here to support you through these uncertain times via video or telephone sessions.

Convenient Times

As more and more Australians work from home or are required to isolate, we are continuing to offer the option of Telehealth sessions.

Access anywhere in Australia

No matter where you are in Australia you can now have online sessions with our experienced Psychologists.

Easy to use technology

We use an online video platform which has been designed for healthcare and is safe and secure. We will provide you with clear and simple instructions for accessing your Telehealth session. You can use your smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet for your sessions.

Individualised sessions

Your online sessions will be just the same as if you were in our rooms with us. The only difference will be that you will be in the comfort of your own home or office.

Benefits of Online Sessions

The evidence shows that online sessions are effective and have equivalent outcomes to face-to-face sessions. In the current climate of self-isolation and restricted movement these sessions will enable you to access treatment and support at a location and time convenient to you.

Medicare Rebates

The Federal Government introduced Telehealth provisions which ensure that clients referred with a GP Mental Health Care Plan can access Medicare Rebates. The rebate will be available for Telehealth sessions for a further four years.

How to make your Telehealth appointment work for you


Make sure you have a private space available to use. Some of our clients have found it works well to sit in their car for their session. Using headphones can also help. Our Psychologists always work from a private space in order to maintain the highest level of confidentiality.

Power Up!

Make sure your laptop or phone is fully charged so you don’t have to scramble to plug in mid session.

Think about what will be most helpful

Just like with face to face sessions, have a think before your session about what will be the most helpful thing for you and share it with your Psychologist so we know how to tailor our session to your needs.